Alemayehu Teklu Toni.

Title:  Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health

E-mail:  Alemayehu Teklu Toni, MD

P.o.Box: 196

Address: Gondar, Ethiopia.

He got a professional diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene from LSHT, UK. He did his Specialty training in Pediatrics and Child Health  after completing Medicine form University of Gondar. Currently, his on going researches are: applying implementation science study on data use in immunization program; working on community case management to increase access to pneumonia treatment and development of initial validation of pediatrics early warning scores at Gondar.

  1. Data use in Immunization Program to Improve Data Quality and Ensure Accountability, Funded by WHO
  2. Enhanced community Case Management to Increase Access to Pneumonia Treatment. Community base randomized control trial. Multi site study 2016 to 2018, Funded by University of Gondar
  3. Development and Initial Validation of Pediatrics Early Warning Scores at Gondar University Hospital, Funded by University of Gondar.