Capacity Building and Mentorship Program (CBMP)

The official signing of the partnership agreement between Federal Ministry of Health, University of Gondar, Amhara Regional Health Bureau and Benshangul Gumuz Regional Health Bureau for the establishment of CBMP program, May 2017

CBMP is a collaborative partnership of the University of Gondar, Federal Ministry of Health, Amhara Regional Health Bearue and Benshangul Gumuz Health Bearue to achieve the information revolution Agenda in the two regions by creating model health facilities and Woredas through improvements in data quality and use of health information for decision-making.


  • Improve data quality and transformation of health information in the two regions.
  • Improve the capacity of health workers and health managers to use health information for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Build the capacity of health workers and health managers at all levels in the two woredas to analyze, use and prepare quality reports
  • Implement DHIS2, EMR and HRIS systems in selected facilities and woreda health offices of  two regions
  • Conduct continousImplementaiton Science Research to Identify what works and what does not in improving data quality and ensuring information use in the two regions.


  • Support Woredas and health facilities to improve data quality
  • Build capacity of health administrators and health care workers to improve the culture of information use for decision making
  • Support the implementation of  DHIS2, EMR and HRIS systems
  • Improve sustainability and continue enhancement of selected eHealth applications through centers of Excellence
  • Integrate HIS in pre and In-service trainings
  • Support for Connected Woreda Program Implementation

CBMP Strategy

The University will collaborate with FMOH and RHBs in the implementation of those initiatives in those two regions. The university will use its strong and multidisciplinary team of experts at eHealthLab Ethiopia. Research projects of masters and PhD students will be linked to this implementation woreda’s to generate evidence on our interventions.

  • Ministry of Health
  • University of Gondar
  • Amhara Regional Health Bureau
  • Benshangul Gumuz Regional Health Bureau

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