A significant gathering was held with representatives, from organizations such as JSI, Data Use Partnership (DUP) Ministry of Health Ethiopia (MOH) health bureau, selected health facilities, districts and esteemed universities including Addis Ababa UniversityHawassa University, Jimma University, Haramaya UniversityMekelle University and University of Gondar. The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) supported program closure workshop marked the conclusion with a display of accomplishments and key insights gained over the five years.

The workshop, funded by DDCF aimed to highlight the progress made through efforts and committed networking among stakeholders. Participants actively participated in presentations, discussions and reflections to emphasize the programs impact on healthcare service delivery and quality, in Ethiopia.
In the closing statements they highlighted the progress achieved in healthcare delivery giving credit to the combined efforts of JSIDUP the five partner universities (known collectively as Five CBMP Universities) and the Ministry of Health. Over the five years this initiative has resulted in advancements, in health information systems and improved healthcare services quality.
Important achievements include improving health data quality in 53 health facilities empowering stakeholders through capacity building and setting up demonstration sites to showcase Health Information System (HIS) solutions. Collaborating with CBMP universities has enabled sharing resources and exchanging knowledge increasing efficiency while working within constraints.
The goal of the workshop was to provide participants with the necessary tools and resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare information systems. It also emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing the various challenges that affect the delivery of quality healthcare.
The event was a significant milestone in the development of Ethiopia’s healthcare system. It also marked the culmination of a five-year collaborative effort. The workshop would like to extend its gratitude to all the participants for their continuous efforts in improving the country’s healthcare system.