CDHIS, a Center of Excellence in Health Informatics, is working alongside the Federal Ministry of Health and the University of Gondar to drive the progression of health informatics and technology in Ethiopia. The center is committed to developing, adopting, evaluating, and supporting the implementation of cutting-edge health information technologies to advance the information revolution agenda in the country. Their efforts are focused on transforming the healthcare sector and ensuring the successful integration of innovative technologies to enhance healthcare delivery and decision-making processes in Ethiopia.

At the heart of CDHIS’s operations lies its well-equipped working area, which includes offices, a greenhouse, a guest acceptance area, and a standard training room. This space serves as a hub where the center’s staff members diligently work on their tasks, ensuring the smooth operation of the center. Additionally, the center boasts the DHIS2 academy, a training room specifically designed to deliver comprehensive training on digital health and related topics.

Recognizing the need for expansion and growth, our center has recently undertaken the expansion of an additional working area. This new space, comprising an office and a meeting room, has been meticulously planned and prepared to cater to the evolving needs of the center’s team members. Led by the esteemed Dr. Binyam Tilahun, the center’s leader, and with the unwavering commitment of all team members, the expansion project has been successfully completed.

The new working area not only provides a dedicated space for team members to accomplish their tasks more efficiently but also symbolizes the center’s commitment to continuous improvement and progress. With this expansion, CDHIS is better equipped to deliver its services as an excellence center for research and digital health. The additional office and meeting room will foster collaboration, creativity, and effective communication among team members, ultimately strengthening the center’s ability to advance digital health in Ethiopia.

CDHIS’s core mission extends beyond simply providing training and conducting research. The center aims to empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize digital health technologies. Through its comprehensive trainings on health informatics and digital health, our center is paving the way for a more informed and technologically-driven healthcare sector in the country. By enhancing the capabilities of individuals, the center plays a vital role in improving healthcare delivery and decision-making processes.

Implementation research is another crucial aspect of CDHIS’s work. By conducting research on health digital health and health system strengthening, the center generates evidence-based insights that inform policy decisions and guide the implementation of efficient and effective digital health systems. This research focus aligns with the center’s mission to drive the digital health in Ethiopia and contribute to the overall advancement of the healthcare sector.

As an excellence center in digital health, our center collaborates closely with different stakeholders to transform the healthcare landscape. Through its dedication, expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities, the center is at the forefront of driving the adoption and implementation of innovative digital health technologies. The team’s unwavering commitment to their goals and objectives ensures that our center continues to make significant contributions to the improvement of healthcare delivery and outcomes in the country.

Center for Digital Health Implementation Science’s new working area marks an exciting milestone in the center’s journey towards advancing health informatics and technology in Ethiopia. The expansion reflects the center’s commitment to providing the best possible working environment for its team members and signifies its dedication to continuous growth and progress. With its comprehensive training, implementation research, and collaborative efforts, Center for Digital Health Implementation Science is paving the way for a digital healthcare future in Ethiopia, where technology plays a pivotal role in transforming healthcare delivery and improving the lives of the people it serves.