The University of Gondar eHealth Lab team, in collaboration with EPHI, is working on prioritizing the national HPSR priority areas with the participation of academicians from different national universities, researchers from the national research institutes (EPHI, AHRI, NHIA, and EPSA), policymakers, program experts, and private facility representatives. In December 2022, the workshop was organized with the above-listed experts to map the potential HPSR topics based on the WHO framework. After incorporating additional expert feedback through the online survey and supporting with KII and scoping review, the consensus-building workshop was organized and conducted from July 21 to 22 at Nile view hotel, Bahir Dar. Thirty experts from the afro mentioned institutions participated in the consensus building workshop and discussed the previously mapped HPSR research topics on their focus, scope, and relevance. During the workshop, rephrasing and merging the research topics, removing less relevant research topics from the HPSR perspective, and adding additional research topics from the online and workshop participant recommendations were done. After modifying the research topics, the ranking was done by experts using a consensus approach. Finally, the workshop was closed by forwarding the remarks on the relevance of such kind’s collaborative work and sustaining the platform for the future.