In a significant milestone for advancing digital health initiatives, this week marked the commencement of the Exemplars in Digital Health research project in Rwanda. The initiation took place through a collaborative inception workshop, where valuable insights were shared and plans were set in motion for an in-depth exploration of Rwanda’s exemplary digital health journey.

The event, attended by key stakeholders and experts, set the stage for a groundbreaking study that aims to uncover and understand the unique digital health advancements within the country. The research project is a joint effort between the project team and their esteemed in-country research partner, AQS. Additionally, the Rwanda Ministry of Health is actively involved, signifying a strong collaborative approach.

Expressing gratitude for the wealth of insights garnered during the inception workshop, the project team looks forward to working closely with AQS and the Rwanda Ministry of Health throughout the study. This partnership promises to shed light on the innovative strategies and practices that have contributed to Rwanda’s success in the realm of digital health.

As the project unfolds, it is anticipated that the findings will not only contribute to the global discourse on digital health but also offer valuable lessons and best practices for other nations striving to enhance their healthcare systems through digital innovation. Stay tuned for updates on this pioneering research endeavor as it progresses in unraveling the digital health landscape of Rwanda.