University of Gondar President, Dr. Asrat Atsedewein, giving opening remark in the kick-off seminar of the Project

NURTURE is a capacity-building project within the Sub-Programme of Education and Teacher Training of the Norway Government. The NURTURE project aims to contribute to better, relevant, more accessible, and more efficient higher education in Ethiopia. The project improves the capacity of three education programs (eHealth, informatics, and special needs) in five universities in Ethiopia including the University of Gondar.

NURTURE implements new programs (two MSc and one PhD), revise curricula, support MSc and PhD scholarships. The project will also develop digital solutions for students with sensory impairments, organize boot camp seminars, and strengthen access to digital content through eLearning platforms and small-scale infrastructure. Gender equality will be a priority throughout the whole project period and in all interventions. Besides, the project provides financial support for economically deprived and disadvantaged female students from all partner universities

Project Goals

The overall goals of this collaboration project among partners are to:

  • Capacity building through Master & PhD scholarships
  • Develop new interdisciplinary Master and PhD programs and revise existing curricula
  • Vibrant interdisciplinary research within and between partner universities established
  • Organize co-creation and bootcamp seminars for graduate students
  • Improve access to education and better supporting tools for female students and disadvantaged groups
  • Strengthen initiatives for eLearning platforms implementation
  • Develop small-scale infrastructure


The Norwegian Government funded NURTURE project through Norad’s financial support to the Programme entitled NORHED II (Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development) in the period 2021-2026.

  • University of South Eastern Norway (Project Coordinator), Norway
  • University of Oslo, Norway
  • Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Norway
  • University of Gondar (Main Partner University in Ethiopia), Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, Ethiopia
  • Jimma University, Ethiopia
  • Hawassa University, Ethiopia
  • Debre Markos University, Ethiopia