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Tesfahun Hailemariam

Tesfahun Hailemariam

Title: PHD Candidate

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Mr. Tesfahun completed his MSc in Health Informatics at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Public Health Informatics at University of Gondar. His PhD focuses on Effects of trained health extension workers focused e-CHIS on community health information system improvement. His research interests lie in the area of routine health information system, digital community health information system, mHealth for maternal health services utilization.

Current Projects

  1. Capacity building and mentorship project (CBMP) at Amhara and Benshangual Gumuz Regional State


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eHealthLab Ethiopia

eHealthLab Ethiopia is a Centre of Excellence in ICT innovation and Development based at University of Gondar. It was established to address the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to contribute toward Ethiopian Vision 2020. The research center is involved in interdisciplinary research, students’ engagement, collaboration with government, industry and other funding agencies.The research center is involved in interdisciplinary research, students’ engagement, collaboration with government, industry and other funding agencies.


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