The eHealthLab Ethiopia conducted a training on the revised health management information system and DHIS2 to the staff members of the college who will be involved in the implementation of  CBMP project which will involve continuous training and mentorship to health workers in Amhara and Benshangul-Gumuz Regions.

The Primary aim of the training is to build the capacity of the CBMP team on the revised HMIS and hands- on practical skill on DHIS2 which is being rolled out through out the country. Our team will lead the implementation and continuous support of  DHIS2 in the CBMP woredas of Amhara and Benshangul Gumuz regions.

The training opening speech was delivered by Dr. Sisay Yifru who is -the vice president of the college of medicine and Health Sciences and specialized hospital- who highlighted the importance of quality data in the health system and the role of this team in supporting the two regions . An overview of the project was presented by Dr. Binyam Chakilu and Dr. Adane Letta who are leading the implementation of the CBMP project at the University of Gondar. A continuous Training on Health data quality, Information use and PRISM assessment will be given in the subsequent weeks.