The University of Gondar had conducted implementation science research at Wogera Woreda, for the last year, entitled “Performance-Based Non-Financial Incentive for improved data quality and use”. The implementation science research was embedded research in which researchers from Wogera Woreda Health Office, Amhara Regional Health Bureau, and the had been engaged. A result dissemination workshop was held on August 12, 2022. The aim of the
workshop was to present the research findings to stakeholders invited from Wogera WoredaHealth Office, Central Gondar Zonal Health Department, Amhara Region Health Bureau, Ethiopian Data use partnership, and the MOH. Higher officials from the Ministry of health, regional health bureau and the zonal health department participated. Three papers from the implementation research were presented by the research team members. A general discussion on the research findings was held. Keynotes speakers Dr. Ruth Nigatu(chief of staff MoH) and Mr.Naod Wendrad(Director, PPMED) presented their keynotes. They said that the collaboration of the ministry of health and academic institutions like the university of Gondar had achieved a great milestone in the platform of the CBMP. They noted that the ministry and the regional health bureau would also collaborate to solve the problem of data quality and information use at all levels. Finally, the meeting session was closed by the speech of Dr. Ruth Nigatu. She reiterated how it is important to improve data quality and information use through academic and health system linkage.