Tesfahun Melese, MPH, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics Director, Dabat Research Center

E-mail: Tesfahun Melese 

Cell Phone: +251-918779820

P.o.Box: 196

Address: Gondar, Ethiopia.

Dr. Tesfahun Melese is an assistant professor of Public Health Informatics at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. He received his PhD in Information Technology from Monash University, Malaysia in 2019; his MPH degree in Public Health Informatics from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia in 2010; and his BSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Mekelle University, Ethiopia in 2006.
Dr. Tesfahun has joined the University of Gondar as graduate assistant II in 2007. Alongside his academic duties, he was working as data manager at the Dabat Research Center also known as the Dabat Health and Demographic Surveillance System (Dabat HDSS) site at the University of Gondar until he went to Monash University, Malaysia for his PhD study in 2014. Upon his return from Monash University in 2019, he has been teaching as well as supervising postgraduate and undergraduate students on their research thesis works. Currently, he is directing the Dabat HDSS site alongside his teaching and research activities at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. Besides, he is serving as the editorial manager for the Ethiopian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia.
He has been engaged in several research projects and produced scientific publications in peer reviewed journals. He has been also participated and presented his research work in several international and national research conferences. His research interest includes health informatics, data management and analysis, health information retrieval, health information system analysis, design and evaluation, and evidence-based medicine.

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