The University of Gondar, Center for Digital Health and Implementation science(CDHI) in collaboration with the ThinkPlace DUP stream-2 project conducted a user ideation workshop on February 29/2024 in Gondar. The objective of the workshop was to understand the HIS-related behavioral challenges and prototype the potential intervention strategy. Before the ideation workshop, a facility visit was conducted at three selected health centers in Gondar town (Maraki, Gebriel, and Gondar HCs) to understand the experience, behavioral-related challenges, and the overall status of the facilities in implementing different HIS activities by February 27 and 28/2024. Following the facility visit a one-day ideation workshop was conducted with 22 healthcare providers and leaders from selected health from the three health centers and Gondar city health department.

Gallery wake, Individual Ideation, and Group discussion on idea development were conducted

Gallery wake

Ideation Development

Group discussion

to map the potential HIS-related challenges, develop intervention ideas targeting the HIS challenges, conceptualize the intervention ideas, and finally, prototyping potential and impactful behavioral interventions was done collaboratively.

The strategic design experts from ThinkPlace and researchers from the University of Gondar Center for Digital Health and Implementation science(CDHI) research unit coached and facilitated the ideation workshop. The ThinkPlace strategic designers collected the proposed prototypes for their maturation and made them ready for testing at each health center. Each suggested behavioral intervention will be tested at each facility with regular follow-up, customization, and final effectiveness evaluation.