WHO Headquarters (HQ) has made significant strides in supporting the integration of Digital Adaptation Kits (DAKs) into Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) digital health systems. From February 12 to 16, 2024, WHO-HQ provided crucial technical assistance to the CDHI-UOG team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The primary focus of the collaboration was to ensure the seamless integration of DAKs into MOH-led digital health systems, aligning them with national health guidelines and enhancing the overall quality of care. The fruitful discussions held at the Federal Ministry of Health and the WHO Country Office underscored the progress made in implementing the WHO Smart Guidelines Digital Adaptation Kits.

Expressing appreciation for the collaborative efforts, a spokesperson stated, “We extend our sincere gratitude to the WHO HQ and Country Office teams, as well as our dedicated researchers at CDHI, for their invaluable contributions. This workshop served as a platform for active participation and fruitful organization, fostering constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Health.”

The successful implementation research and strategic planning conducted during the workshop pave the way for the next phase of this initiative. By leveraging digital technologies and adhering to national health guidelines, WHO aims to further enhance healthcare delivery in Ethiopia and beyond.